Meet Smelly

My friends call me Smelly, or Smellanie... sometimes Smelly Cat. I'm a 29 year old Atlanta native who smells great, contrary to my popular nicknames.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and burritos... but mostly burritos.

I am a lover of all things football,
skincare, and books... but mostly burritos. I am fluent in Ferris Bueller and I have a love of all things Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

As a University of Alabama graduate, 
I went to The Creative Circus because
I realized that as a grown woman I could no longer be afraid of clowns... or Art Direction. So, I got my Advertising degree in the mail and ran away to the Circus. 

We're big halloween people.



Here is a portrait I made of my dog's head on a renaissance painting. We call him Lord Nashington III.

This is my dog, Lord Nashington III, it's important you know that.